• Blinky Bill's Adventures- by Mark Puddy

Blinky Bill's Adventures - by Mark Puddy

Genre : Mini-Medley for Juniors

Suitable for : lower-middle primary

This joyful collection of 4 songs introduces the mischievious Koala,Blinky Bill, well-known to Australians through the delightful stories by Dorothy Wall.  Songs included in the medley are:

  1. "Blinky Bill" - a bright and happy number featuring Blinky.
  2. "Leaving Home" - a plaintive song sung by Mrs Koala and Blinky about finding a new gum tree to call home.
  3. "Naughty" - Blinky and his new friends raid Mrs Pimms' lolly shop in this jazzy swing number.
  4. "The Bunny Hug" - come on down to the bush dance and do the bunny hug with Blinky and his pals!

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